So, you're interested in being the GM of your own hockey team.  You know you have the knowledge and skills to build the best team possible by looking at a player's stats. You want to become a part of a new hockey community, building a stronger league for everyone to enjoy.

Positions Available:

Freeport Admirals (General Manager)

What we expect:
- All GMs must have a valid game roster set.
- All GMs must participate in league voting.
- All GMs must remain relatively active in maintaining their team by moving players, drafting juniors and signing free agents.
- If you expect to be away from a computer for a while, you must contact the Commissioner so your team can be taken care of until you return.
- If you are having difficulty at any time, we expect you to contact either the Commissioner or another GM for assistance.  We would be only too happy to help you out.

Instant Messengers, Email and SPAM:

Name: Email: Facebook account?: Facebook Messenger App?: Skype: Have you heard of Discord?: Describe your previous fantasy hockey league experiences (if any): What can you bring to this league that others cannot? Select one of the GM positions you are interested in: How did you find this league?

12 times seventeen =

Applicants will be subject to approval by the Commissioner.