Board of Directors - Term 4
Current BoD members:
Term Expires: June 7, 2013


June 8 2013 - In an effort to reduce / remove any down-time during seasons due to the end of BoD / COM terms, the Board of Directors have passed this change: 4-0-0.

The Outgoing Board of Directors will now elect the new COM for the following term.  This vote will be held with about 2-3 weeks left in the current term (likely during the playoffs at the end of the term).

Currently our COM election method results in more league down-time as there is no COM available in addition to creating the possibility of an 8th place BoD (the last guy) to get in if the new COM happened to be a BoD member...  There is also the possibility that we could lose an interested / invested BoD that was forced to hold out to run for COM but lost.

The new changes will mean:
- There will be no down-time due to COM elections.  The new COM will also facilitate the new BoD term elections, so the league can carry on with very minimal down-time.
- People that ran for the COM position and lost can still run for the new BoD term.
- Removes the need for the 8th place BoD.

Additionally, if the new Board does not like / agree with the COM that was voted in by the previous Board, the new Board is absolutely allowed to vote to remove the new COM and hold new elections (this has not changed... the Board can always put up a vote to remove a COM).

May 6 2013 - The Board of Directors passed a proposal to change the TJHL's penalty setting from 7% to 5%.  The change will take effect immediately.

May 4 2013 - Starting with Season 22, the method of inducting players into the Hall of Fame will change.  The change was passed with a 6-0-0 vote by the Board of Directors.

The changes include:
1 - All BoD members will be allowed to nominate one player for induction.
2 - The Commissioner is allowed to nominate one player for induction.
3 - The Owner is allowed to nominate one player for induction.
4 - A person is not allowed to nominate more than one player even if they hold multiple roles in the league.
5 - Any BoD, COM, Owner can put up a veto proposal if there is a player nominated that obviously does not warrant a Hall of Fame induction.
6 - Nominations should be finalized around the end of the pre-season so that the league can vote during the remainder of the season.
7 - All league GMs will be allowed to vote on who is inducted from the nominees.
7a - GMs will have two votes if there are 3 or more nominees.
7b - GMs will have one vote if there are only 1 - 2 nominees.
7c - GMs are allowed to change their vote during the season.
8 - Induction voting will run until the end of the Playoffs.
9 - Players with at least 50% of the vote will be inducted into the Hall of Fame.
10 - Players must have played a minimum number of games in order to be eligible for nomination:
10a - 150 games played for Skaters
10b - 75 games for Goaltenders.

April 27 2013 - The Board of Directors passed several votes today (well... two were being held as they were impacted by the league participation vote).

General League Participation Vote: 4 yes - 1 no - 2 abstain
In a close vote, the BoD have passed new participation rules for earning ballots for the Extra Draft Pick.

GMs will receive 4 ballots any time they are asked to vote in league matters: Hall of Fame voting, Award voting, All-Star voting, and so on.
GMs will receive 1 ballot any time they make a media post that would normally earn money.  This ballot is in addition to the money they would normally earn for the media post.  Additionally, the GM can receive only 1 ballot per week for media posts (week being: Sunday to Saturday).
Board of Directors do NOT receive ballots for participating in BoD-only votes.

Teams that do not win the Extra Draft Pick will be awarded $25,000 per ballot earned.

World Cup All-Star Game: 5 yes - 1 abstain - 1 did not vote
For Season 21, we will be doing a World Cup style All-Star event in lieu of the regular All-Star game.

GMs will be asked to participate as the GMs for various nations.  They will select their team based on which country they would like to GM.

Any GM that participates will be awarded 4 ballots for the Extra Draft Pick.

GMs do not gain anything extra if their nation wins.

GMs that are interested in participating will be ranked according to their TJHL overall team standings.  The top team will choose first and so on.  Once a nation has been selected the other GMs are no longer allowed to pick that nation.

Hall of Fame Nominations:
The GMs voted for who should be placed on the Hall of Fame induction ballot for Season 21.  The votes were:

Tristen Bemeur - 5 votes
Latrell Courchesne - 1 vote
Samir Gingues - 0 votes
Marcel Herron - 0 votes
Amari Laroque - 0 votes
Louis MacDougall - 0 votes
Allan Pachal - 0 votes
Dylon Parise - 3 votes
Kaden Salgado - 5 votes
Olov Vandermeer - 0 votes

A minimum of 4 votes is required to make it onto the induction ballot; Tristen Bemeur and Kaden Salgado will be placed on the Induction Ballot for all GMs to vote.

April 8 2013 - New Rules concerning RFA Compensation Penalties were passed with a vote of 5-0-0 (2 did not vote).

March 20 2013 - Elections were required to fill the two vacant BoD positions (North Bay and Montreal - vacated due to acting as COM) since there were three candidates interested in the two positions.

Nomination Blurbs from Candidates

Bobby Brodoway - I believe I would be a great fit for the BoD mainly because of my activity. I also have a good understanding of the league and it's standards. I take an interest in other teams and what's going on with the rules, and any other changes. I haven't been here as long as some, but I'm as committed as the rest of the league and interested in taking part in how the league is being run. With any changes the BoD must vote on, I'd make sure to look at it from either side, for or against, to make sure it fits into the league, I won't rush my decisions. Vote Bobby for the BoD spot, and vote for the good guy! :P

Connor Hughes
I think I would be a considerable candidate because I have been with the TJHL league for five years this coming June and I have really gotten into it. I'm sure whoever does get voted into these BoD spots will do a great job so I'm not too worried, but I want to give back to the league because I feel I haven't contributed enough over these past five years. I hope to be able to play my part within the TJHL community and help to make the league even better than it already is.

Nick McLaughlin
Over the course of the two and a half years I've been around, I've commissioned three Leagues (most recently TJHL) and managed four teams.  I'm highly active on forums, with a relatively deep knowledge base of UHS in general, though there is always something new to learn.  I have a deep affection for babies and small animals, and should you vote for me, I'll lower taxes and bring world peace.

Vote Results
Candidate 1st Place Votes 2nd Place Votes 3rd Place Votes Total Points
Nick McLaughlin 12 1 3 66
Bobby Brodoway 1 10 5 40
Connor Hughes 3 5 8 38

Nick McLaughlin (Montreal) and Bobby Brodoway (Maple Ridge) are appointed Board of Directors until the completion of Term 4.


March 16 2013 - Keith Evans is appointed the new GM for Moose Jaw Buccaneers due to the previous GM being inactive (Sean Burke).


March 9 2013 - James Young is appointed Temporary COM for the duration of Season 21.  Board of Director position vacated.

Lots of stuff happened during Term 4, however, the COM was too busy to update this.  No worries.  Let's carry on and move forward!

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