Game Summary

Tilt Cove Caribou @ Moose Jaw Buccaneers (2021-06-12)

Shots Goals
Team 123Total123Total
Moose Jaw 1130140000
Tilt Cove 10216373227

Game Notes

Amos Herriman scored the game winner 5:17 into the 1st period as the Tilt Cove Caribou out-played the Moose Jaw Buccaneers by a score of 7-0 in front of a sold out crowd of 25000 at the Crows Nest. Archie Pichette earned his 11th win and 2nd shutout of the Regular Season by making 14 saves. Tilt Cove Defenseman Amos Herriman was named the First star of the game.

Scoring Summary

Team Period Time Goal
Caribou 1 5:17Herriman
Caribou 1 6:40Sopanen (Ponikarovsky, Reaume)
Caribou 1 15:04Meyer (Lane, Boulerice)
Caribou 2 12:16Nylander (Imlach, Sopanen)
Caribou 2 14:46Meronek (Samis, Lane)
Caribou 3 4:57Connolly (Samis)
Caribou 3 13:48Herriman (Coxe)

Penalty Summary

Team Player Period Time Penalty
Buccaneers Justin Sharpley 1 12:07 2 Min Hooking
Caribou Arron Coxe 1 18:49 2 Min High-Sticking
Buccaneers Justin Sharpley 1 18:52 2 Min Holding

Moose Jaw Buccaneers

Bashkirov, Morten (C)000-500 7023:1550.0
Bodnarchuk, Leth (C)000-1020.06216:2153.8
Heatley, Tyler (C)000-100 3416:2470.0
Teal, Heikki (C)000000 000:07 
David, Mickey (LW)000-1010.03417:28 
Yates, Roope (LW)000-100 2519:10 
Zherdev, Yohann (LW)000-5010.08423:54100.0
Fox, Norman (RW)000-5030.04623:54 
Malkoc, Emilio (RW)000-1020.06117:28 
Shewchuk, Florent (RW)000-1010.06418:3833.3
Shishkanov, Fedor (RW)000000 000:00 
Buswell, Yvon (D)000-500 7523:54 
Emms, Ernie (D)000-100 7518:3833.3
Fukufuji, Mitchell (D)000-1010.05217:28 
Maneluk, Valeri (D)000000 000:00 
Metcalfe, Jeppe (D)000-1010.03517:28 
Mosdell, Bill (D)000-1020.03218:38 
Sharpley, Justin (D)000-540 11523:15 
Krog, JasonL426220.8460032310
Mazur, SamiND31180.7270028010

Tilt Cove Caribou

Imlach, Dino (C)0112020.04018:2946.2
Mantha, Brit (C)0001040.04418:5850.0
Meronek, Felix (C)10140333.39620:3343.5
Affleck, Rolf (LW)000000 000:00 
Coxe, Arron (LW)0114210.08220:33 
Meyer, Corrie (LW)10110520.051018:43 
Ponikarovsky, Karl (LW)0112020.04220:44100.0
Connolly, Enver (RW)10140425.03922:00100.0
Reaume, Burr (RW)0112020.06819:17 
Zelepukin, Nikos (RW)000100 6718:43100.0
Boulerice, Derian (D)0111010.03618:43100.0
Herriman, Amos (D)20240450.061222:00 
Kurashev, Kirby (D)000000 000:00 
Lane, Ryane (D)0221020.05618:13 
Nylander, Miikka (D)10120250.06619:17 
Romano, Zellio (D)000000 020:48 
Samis, Ernest (D)0224030.011922:00 
Sopanen, Santeri (D)11220250.05318:59 
Pichette, ArchieW014141.0001060000
Zhitnik, ColtenND0000.000000000

Quote of the Game

"You come to the rink and you're paid to do a job. You have to find a way to do it." - Archie Pichette