Game Summary

Winnipeg Jets @ Montreal Mayhem (2018-11-10)

Shots Goals
Team 123Total123Total
Montreal 33280000
Winnipeg 1422184004

Game Notes

Jaydon Mikhnov scored the game winner 2:31 into the 1st period as the Winnipeg Jets pummelled the Montreal Mayhem by a score of 4-0 in front of a sold out crowd of 25000 at the Chaos Center. Fabrizio Brimsek earned his 28th win and 11th shutout of the Regular Season by making 8 saves. Winnipeg Defenseman Greyson Stefanski was named the First star of the game.

Scoring Summary

Team Period Time Goal
Jets 1 2:31Mikhnov (Koalska, Stefanski)
Jets 1 4:08Delguidice (Cheevers, Gainor)
Jets 1 9:47Delguidice (Kiessling, Stefanski)
Jets 1 12:21Iafrate (Stefanski, Mikhnov) PP

Penalty Summary

Team Player Period Time Penalty
Mayhem John-Paul Engelland 1 11:20 2 Min Holding
Jets Murdo Fry 1 15:56 2 Min Holding
Mayhem John-Paul Engelland 1 17:06 2 Min Slashing
Jets Murdo Fry 2 8:48 2 Min Roughing
Jets Syd Keogan 3 3:15 2 Min Interference
Mayhem Anson Rodney 3 5:35 2 Min Roughing
Mayhem John-Paul Engelland 3 19:26 2 Min Delay of Game

Montreal Mayhem

Seabrooke, Marty (C)0000010.00014:4642.9
Toivonen, Valeri (C)000-1010.06419:3773.7
Trapp, Kay (C)000-200 5220:0470.0
Zotto, Duncan (C)000000 000:00 
Ellis, JC (LW)000000 4017:1066.7
Purcell, Syl (LW)000-2010.04021:55 
Shero, Gerardo (LW)000-1030.04520:55 
Beaupre, Pauli (RW)000-200 0121:55 
Issel, Damian (RW)000000 8117:10 
Mika, Wolfgang (RW)000-1020.02320:55 
Engelland, John-Paul (D)000-160 2120:55 
Galiardi, Lude (D)000000 1117:10 
Glencross, Marek (D)000-200 5321:55 
Ouimet, Cecil (D)000000 000:00 
Rodney, Anson (D)000020 2517:10 
Romano, Zellio (D)000-100 3620:55 
Schwab, Cale (D)000000 000:00 
Tancill, Sidney (D)000-200 3421:55 
Nickulas, AlfieND0000.000000000
Tollefsen, LucL418140.7780060030

Winnipeg Jets

Kiessling, Gordon (C)0112010.00111:0241.7
Kurvers, Percy (C)0000010.02410:0425.0
Mikhnov, Jaydon (C)112101100.01518:1510.0
Moss, Doug (C)0000010.06717:0950.0
Cheevers, Morten (LW)011200 1411:02 
Gainor, Gideon (LW)011000 1010:04 
Keogan, Syd (LW)0001230.04316:36 
Virtue, Cristian (LW)0000020.05420:39100.0
Delguidice, Felipe (RW)20220366.73111:02 
Dopita, Stanislav (RW)0000010.04010:04 
Iafrate, Stacy (RW)101001100.05420:09 
Sifers, Hilliard (RW)000100 1318:45100.0
Bergloff, Gianni (D)0000010.04514:28 
Fry, Murdo (D)0000410.02014:28 
Janecyk, Lukas (D)000100 5423:04 
Koalska, Mario (D)0112010.05322:28 
Ondruss, Korey (D)000100 4321:4350.0
Stefanski, Greyson (D)0332010.05223:49 
Brimsek, FabrizioW0881.0001060000
Shelton, WojtekND0000.000000000

Quote of the Game

"There are things we need to do internally. The shot charts aren't radically different, but there was enough of a change there that it shows us we gotta get back to being what we are, particularly on the power play. We just have to take more shots with traffic." - Jaydon Mikhnov