Game Summary

Kamloops Knights @ Flin Flon Flimflammers (2018-02-17)

Shots Goals
Team 123Total123Total
Flin Flon 101612381438
Kamloops 9113233003

Game Notes

Adolfo Scoville scored the game winner 15:38 into the 2nd period as the Flin Flon Flimflammers destroyed the Kamloops Knights by a score of 8-3 in front of a sold out crowd of 15000 at the Flin Flon Field. Max Versteeg earned his 1st win of the Regular Season by making 19 saves on 22 shots. Flin Flon Defenseman Adolfo Scoville was named the First star of the game.

Scoring Summary

Team Period Time Goal
Knights 1 10:45Lumme
Knights 1 11:38Cuddie (Semenov, Lafleur)
Knights 1 12:12Lafleur (Arbour)
Flimflammers 1 19:52Corbeau (OReilly)
Flimflammers 2 6:37Cyr (Sobotka)
Flimflammers 2 10:52Shudra (Maneluk, Corbeau)
Flimflammers 2 15:38Scoville
Flimflammers 2 16:23Sanipass (Fontas)
Flimflammers 3 5:49Maneluk (Sandelin, Scoville)
Flimflammers 3 15:43Strachan (Shudra, Sandelin)
Flimflammers 3 18:03OReilly (Versteeg)

Penalty Summary

Team Player Period Time Penalty
Knights Cameron Gilbert 1 13:03 2 Min Tripping
Flimflammers Andrew OReilly 1 15:43 2 Min Hooking
Flimflammers Jamir Sandelin 1 18:55 2 Min High-Sticking
Knights Lane Lafleur 1 19:15 2 Min Slashing
Knights Robert LeBrun 2 7:10 2 Min Delay of Game
Flimflammers Chance Fontas 2 16:30 2 Min Tripping
Knights Rich Cuddie 2 18:27 2 Min Roughing
Knights Juha Gulka 3 10:28 2 Min Roughing

Flin Flon Flimflammers

Aebischer, Ales (C)000100 6318:4841.4
Sanipass, Emmett (C)10100616.714417:1243.5
Shudra, Skylar (C)11240333.35118:0053.3
Corbeau, Oscar (LW)11210333.312321:37 
Cyr, Eldon (LW)10100425.015818:33 
Kellgren, Dwayne (LW)000000 000:00 
Maneluk, Terry (LW)112401100.07819:50100.0
Blatny, Yvon (RW)000000 000:05 
Carveth, Ruslan (RW)000000 000:00 
Milroy, Chad (RW)0000020.071218:33100.0
Songin, Logan (RW)0001030.07821:3933.3
Strachan, Davis (RW)10140333.39619:5066.7
Burry, London (D)0001010.0101121:3766.7
Fontas, Chance (D)0110210.05418:31 
OReilly, Andrew (D)11212520.08521:3766.7
Sandelin, Jamir (D)0224210.06619:45 
Scoville, Adolfo (D)11240425.011819:50 
Sobotka, Earl (D)0110010.03018:33100.0
Schnarr, LucND0000.000000000
Versteeg, MaxW322190.8640060110

Kamloops Knights

Colbert, Etienne (C)000000 000:00 
Lumme, Yusuf (C)101-10520.02518:4861.3
MacLeish, Cory (C)000000 000:00 
Semenov, Mason (C)011-2020.07215:2552.2
Vyshedkevich, Yan (C)000-2020.08216:3645.8
Cuddie, Rich (LW)101-121100.08419:5233.3
Gilbert, Cameron (LW)000-3210.06218:3925.0
LeBrun, Robert (LW)000-1240.09621:00 
Asham, Brendan (RW)000-1010.0171021:00 
Gulka, Juha (RW)000-1210.08920:21 
Purinton, Chad (RW)000000 000:00 
Shack, Everett (RW)000-3010.07218:3950.0
Cumiskey, Alyn (D)000-100 5120:59100.0
Hutchison, Tobias (D)000-3010.091118:39 
Lafleur, Lane (D)112-12250.06220:0250.0
Lecuyer, Sam (D)000-100 7120:2266.7
Mowers, Chase (D)000-100 10020:59 
Titanic, Andy (D)000-3010.011118:39100.0
Arbour, LeonardL733260.7880056240
Reaves, BradenND1540.800004010

Quote of the Game

"Where else can you go into an arena and have 20,000 people watching you and you make something great and they clap their hands, or they're booing you? Where else are you going to do that? It's a show. You're not going to find that excitement anywhere else. I'm going to sit at home and what, watch TV and say, "I wish I was there?"" - Skylar Shudra