Game Summary

Maple Ridge Mastodons @ Kamloops Knights (2017-09-06)

Shots Goals
Team 123Total123Total
Kamloops 13125302114
Maple Ridge 61211290033

Game Notes

Chase Mowers scored the game winner 19:59 into the 3rd period as the Kamloops Knights narrowly beat the Maple Ridge Mastodons by a score of 4-3 in front of a sold out crowd of 15000 at the Kamloops Shaw Center. Kyle Boivin earned his 5th win of the Regular Season by making 26 saves on 29 shots. Maple Ridge Defenseman Sincere Holota left the game early after injuring his . He is expected to miss 0 games. Kamloops Defenseman Sam Lecuyer was named the First star of the game.

Scoring Summary

Team Period Time Goal
Knights 1 3:15LeBrun (Lumme, Beukeboom)
Knights 1 18:50Vyshedkevich PP
Knights 2 17:35Lecuyer (Shack, Lumme) PP
Mastodons 3 8:29Rohloff (Lupaschuk, Norton)
Mastodons 3 13:10Strachan (Tiley, Wakely) PP
Mastodons 3 14:18Pisa (Tiley) PP
Knights 3 19:59Mowers (Lecuyer, Boivin) PP

Penalty Summary

Team Player Period Time Penalty
Mastodons Clay Townsend 1 3:55 5 Min Cross-Checking
Mastodons Clay Townsend 1 3:55 10 Min Game Misconduct
Mastodons Joey Tiley 1 18:38 2 Min Hooking
Mastodons Kyle Pisa 2 16:47 2 Min Holding
Mastodons Kyle Pisa 3 3:08 2 Min Slashing
Knights Sam Lecuyer 3 4:26 2 Min Roughing
Knights Yusuf Lumme 3 9:18 5 Min Spearing
Knights Yusuf Lumme 3 9:18 10 Min Match Penalty
Knights Chase Mowers 3 12:07 2 Min High-Sticking
Mastodons Joey Tiley 3 17:36 2 Min Hooking
Mastodons Arron Wakely 3 19:45 2 Min Roughing

Kamloops Knights

Colbert, Etienne (C)000000 000:31 
Lumme, Yusuf (C)02211510.07314:2842.9
MacLeish, Cory (C)000000 000:00 
Peckham, Leighton (C)000-1010.06318:0840.6
Vyshedkevich, Yan (C)10100333.37618:3554.2
Gilbert, Cameron (LW)000-1030.09021:5840.0
LeBrun, Robert (LW)10110425.08317:39 
Maneluk, Terry (LW)0000010.010521:07100.0
Stasiuk, Holden (LW)000000 000:56 
Asham, Brendan (RW)0000020.011420:23 
Beukeboom, Seth (RW)0111040.09617:3950.0
Shack, Everett (RW)011-1010.010120:5650.0
Baumgartner, Juris (D)0001020.08017:39 
Gilbert, Ismael (D)000000 8222:3050.0
Hutchison, Tobias (D)0000020.061221:47 
Lafleur, Lane (D)000100 5115:40 
Lecuyer, Sam (D)112-12333.391020:34 
Mowers, Chase (D)101-12333.310321:2850.0
Boivin, KyleW329260.8970060200
Reaves, BradenND0000.000000000

Maple Ridge Mastodons

Burchell, Edgar (C)000-1020.04514:1066.7
Heiskala, Charlie (C)0000030.03618:0642.1
Kowal, Jochen (C)000000 000:43 
Rohloff, Max (C)10110333.310620:0851.4
LaPrairie, Rex (LW)000000 10330:4766.7
Lupaschuk, Jakobe (LW)0111030.013722:29 
Oates, Austin (LW)000000 001:23 
Wakely, Arron (LW)011-1220.0121118:05 
Gulka, Juha (RW)000000 000:00 
Norton, Lester (RW)0111030.010722:29100.0
Pisa, Kyle (RW)101-14250.07216:24 
Strachan, Davis (RW)10100250.07520:24 
Bernier, Brayan (D)000000 13820:46 
Holota, Sincere (D)0001010.071019:50 
McGrath, Guadalupe (D)0000030.016620:2466.7
Myre, Johnny (D)000-1010.012217:0350.0
Tiley, Joey (D)0221440.07325:16100.0
Townsend, Clay (D)000-1150 101:21 
Lundin, AlfonsoND0000.000000000
Stackhouse, SabastianL430260.8670060110

Quote of the Game

"Bad passes. Absolutely bad passes. We panicked at times." - Kyle Boivin