Game Summary

Vancouver Titans @ Pembroke Chargers (2018-02-17)

Shots Goals
Team 123Total123Total
Pembroke 131010333104
Vancouver 1457260022

Game Notes

Sincere Jantunen scored the game winner 14:30 into the 1st period as the Pembroke Chargers beat the Vancouver Titans by a score of 4-2 in front of a sold out crowd of 25000 at the Kruger International Centre. Romeo McKenna earned his 1st win of the Regular Season by making 24 saves on 26 shots. Pembroke Forward Sincere Jantunen was named the First star of the game.

Scoring Summary

Team Period Time Goal
Chargers 1 8:17Bailey (Zidlicky, Sentes)
Chargers 1 11:18Kinsella (Routhier, Rudkowsky)
Chargers 1 14:30Jantunen (Goring)
Chargers 2 12:00Myhres (Rudkowsky, Zanon) SH
Titans 3 10:21Abdelkader (Salo, Williams)
Titans 3 18:59Moe (Duncan, Knott) PP

Penalty Summary

Team Player Period Time Penalty
Chargers Tanner Rudkowsky 1 0:41 2 Min Hooking
Chargers Connor Mantha 2 11:30 2 Min Holding
Titans Jussi Slater 2 17:53 2 Min Cross-Checking
Chargers Braden Vilgrain 3 18:15 2 Min Tripping

Pembroke Chargers

Carney, Jochen (C)0001020.06817:1844.4
Colborne, Henry (C)0000020.010517:1532.1
Kinsella, Davon (C)10110333.38120:4365.7
Regin, Andreas (C)000000 000:00 
Bailey, Elias (LW)10100520.06219:31 
Bionda, Cristopher (LW)000000 000:00 
Zanon, Drew (LW)0111040.0121222:01 
Jantunen, Sincere (RW)10110425.08418:28 
Myhres, Dandre (RW)10110425.07822:0150.0
Sentes, Branko (RW)0110030.06219:31100.0
Goring, Aki-Petteri (F)0111010.0101018:28100.0
Clarke, Pierre-Marc (D)000000 000:00 
Halward, Antoine (D)000100 61318:2850.0
Mantha, Connor (D)000120 9818:28 
Routhier, Gaye (D)0111010.011922:01 
Rudkowsky, Tanner (D)0221220.011922:01 
Vilgrain, Braden (D)0000220.091119:31100.0
Zidlicky, Pierre-Luc (D)011000 9919:31100.0
Elynuik, FrazerND0000.000000000
McKenna, RomeoW226240.9230060100

Vancouver Titans

Knott, Red (C)011-100 5217:1645.0
Latreille, Maxim (C)000-2010.010520:4747.1
McPhee, Alex (C)000000 000:00 
Sinisalo, Antoni (C)0001030.011719:5752.0
Boulerice, Peter (LW)000000 000:00 
Draper, Johnathan (LW)0001040.05921:02100.0
Hildebrand, Kristaps (LW)000-2020.06521:42 
Moe, Steven (LW)101-10333.34417:40 
Rychel, Frank (RW)000000 000:00 
Slater, Jussi (RW)000-120 11617:16 
Tapper, Michael (RW)000-2020.016321:4250.0
Salo, Frantisek (F)011100 13720:38100.0
Abdelkader, Ricard (D)10110333.37520:38 
Duncan, Uli (D)011-100 14317:40 
Gudbranson, Nils (D)000-200 9221:42 
Holmquist, Edgar (D)000-1030.012517:40 
Kleinendorst, Vadim (D)000-2030.08721:42 
Williams, Cale (D)0111020.0121020:38 
Day, KeaganL433290.8790060110
Dobson, AlesND0000.000000000

Quote of the Game

"I really believe it's pride. For the guys who are lucky enough to play on the power play, it has to be a bonus for everyone out there. Even one powerplay goal every game is going to be huge." - Tanner Rudkowsky