Game Summary

Stroud Outlaws @ Ottawa Capitals (2019-11-11)

Shots Goals
Team 1234Total1234Total
Ottawa 1171283811103
Stroud 1012733211114

Game Notes

Joel Gladney scored the game winner 14:48 into the 1st overtime period as the Stroud Outlaws narrowly beat the Ottawa Capitals by a score of 4-3 in front of a sold out crowd of 25000 at the CBC Arena. Calle Whidden earned his 1st win of the Playoffs by making 35 saves on 38 shots. Stroud Forward Joel Gladney was named the First star of the game.

Scoring Summary

Team Period Time Goal
Capitals 1 0:19Campoli (Tomson, Dollas)
Outlaws 1 10:05Webster (Nicholson)
Capitals 2 0:34Molyneaux (Virtue) SH
Outlaws 2 10:50Ashbee (Mantha, Holland)
Capitals 3 19:42Ahrens (Virtue, Godfrey) PP
Outlaws 3 19:54Holland (Hildebrand) SH
Outlaws 4 14:48Gladney (Webster)

Penalty Summary

Team Player Period Time Penalty
Capitals Evariste MacSweyn 1 16:59 2 Min Hooking
Capitals Evariste MacSweyn 2 0:13 2 Min Hooking
Outlaws Milan McCahill 2 19:53 2 Min Interference
Outlaws Joel Gladney 3 19:07 4 Min High-Sticking
Outlaws Jussi Webster 4 5:30 4 Min High-Sticking
Outlaws Kristaps Hildebrand 4 8:56 2 Min Hooking
Outlaws Roger Tavares 4 11:52 2 Min Slashing
Capitals Micah Summanen 4 12:35 2 Min Hooking
Outlaws Tyler Holland 4 12:41 2 Min Tripping

Ottawa Capitals

Ahrens, Roy (C)101-10250.051220:3871.4
Campoli, John-Paul (C)10100250.0141426:3168.0
Summanen, Micah (C)000-1230.05921:3950.0
Wingels, Ray (C)000000 000:00 
McCleary, Vernon (LW)000-1030.061023:04 
Pitton, Jarod (LW)000000 000:00 
Tomson, Vern (LW)0110040.0101227:20 
Virtue, Cristian (LW)022-100 6724:24 
Champoux, Regis (RW)000-1010.013723:04 
McDonald, JT (RW)0000050.0121227:2050.0
Molyneaux, Ryder (RW)101-10520.0101424:24100.0
Dollas, Gil (D)0110040.081427:20 
Fiddler, Ludimir (D)000-1020.011723:04100.0
Godfrey, Hub (D)011-1020.013824:24100.0
Klymkiw, Melville (D)000000 000:00 
MacSweyn, Evariste (D)0000430.08727:20 
McDonough, Dirk (D)000-100 91424:24100.0
Romano, Zellio (D)000-1020.0121423:04 
Day, KeaganL431270.8710075120
Orr, OwenND0000.000000000

Stroud Outlaws

Heiskala, Marshall (C)000-1040.011419:1843.3
Mantha, Brit (C)0111020.011323:2624.4
Ribeiro, Jari (C)000000 000:00 
Webster, Jussi (C)11224333.38521:0648.0
Hildebrand, Kristaps (LW)011-1220.011424:57 
Nicholson, Gauthier (LW)0112010.04323:36 
Tavares, Roger (LW)0001220.010425:00 
Ashbee, Jim (RW)10110333.35324:29 
Bancroft, Tracy (RW)000000 000:00 
Gladney, Joel (RW)10124425.013423:36 
Holland, Tyler (RW)112-12333.312325:0542.9
Astashenko, Dion (D)0002020.0211123:38100.0
Cairns, Sven (D)000000 000:00 
Carey, JC (D)000-1020.0231225:49 
Gudbranson, Nils (D)000200 11524:22100.0
Helmer, Anthony (D)0001010.013825:21 
McCahill, Milan (D)000-120 6324:26 
Routhier, Gaye (D)0001020.011525:2133.3
Terbenche, JoniND0000.000000000
Whidden, CalleW338350.9210075110

Quote of the Game

"We followed our game plan and executed it perfectly." - Jussi Webster