Game Summary

Kelowna Juicers @ Montreal Mayhem (2019-05-26)

Shots Goals
Team 123Total123Total
Montreal 1706235016
Kelowna 750121001

Game Notes

Peter Boulerice scored the game winner 5:36 into the 1st period as the Montreal Mayhem destroyed the Kelowna Juicers by a score of 6-1 in front of a crowd of 20973 at the Chaos Center. Luc Tollefsen earned his 2nd win of the Regular Season by making 11 saves on 12 shots. Montreal Forward Pauli Beaupre was named the First star of the game.

Scoring Summary

Team Period Time Goal
Mayhem 1 0:44Beaupre (Glencross, Tancill)
Mayhem 1 5:36Boulerice (Mika, Beaupre)
Mayhem 1 8:54Ouimet (Trapp) PP
Mayhem 1 10:36Ellis (Beaupre, Toivonen)
Juicers 1 12:03Kunitz (Thomson)
Mayhem 1 12:52Franson (Fibiger)
Mayhem 3 13:09Trapp (Boulerice)

Penalty Summary

Team Player Period Time Penalty
Juicers Frederick McCaig 1 7:00 2 Min Tripping
Mayhem JC Ellis 1 19:48 2 Min Charging
Mayhem Peter Boulerice 2 4:58 2 Min Cross-Checking
Juicers Nikolay Sharipzyanov 3 10:03 2 Min High-Sticking
Juicers Paxton Horava 3 16:56 2 Min Slashing
Juicers Rem Legris 3 18:38 2 Min Tripping

Montreal Mayhem

Kiessling, Gordon (C)0001010.04416:4146.2
Toivonen, Valeri (C)0112030.02621:4058.8
Trapp, Kay (C)112101100.02017:3950.0
Zotto, Duncan (C)000000 000:00 
Boulerice, Peter (LW)112121100.04319:3950.0
Ellis, JC (LW)10122333.34022:31 
Fibiger, Kai (LW)0111010.02217:50 
Archibald, Philippe (RW)000100 2317:50 
Beaupre, Pauli (RW)12320250.03524:04 
Bye, Jiri (RW)000000 000:00 
Mika, Wolfgang (RW)0111020.03118:06 
Franson, Connie (D)101101100.01117:50 
Glencross, Marek (D)011200 4424:04 
McTaggart, Aaron (D)0001020.00417:50 
Moravec, Nikos (D)000000 000:00 
Ouimet, Cecil (D)101101100.04318:06 
Schwab, Cale (D)000100 71018:0650.0
Tancill, Sidney (D)0112050.07824:04 
Mazur, ValtteriND0000.000000000
Tollefsen, LucW112110.9170060000

Kelowna Juicers

Horava, Paxton (C)000-120 2313:2650.0
Knott, Red (C)000-100 0112:5342.9
Sharipzyanov, Nikolay (C)000-120 0011:5457.1
Thomson, Bobby (C)011-1020.07914:5156.3
Legris, Rem (LW)000-1210.03115:2450.0
McCaig, Frederick (LW)000-1210.03112:53 
Stratton, Juuse (LW)000-100 1219:1350.0
Talbot, Mathis (LW)000-100 4311:54 
Lauder, Jaroslav (RW)000-100 3011:54 
Nilan, Billy (RW)000-100 5212:53 
Norton, Lester (RW)000-1030.02119:1350.0
Plett, Jerry (RW)000-1010.03016:00 
Astashenko, Dion (D)000-200 5516:11 
Buinitsky, Darrell (D)000-200 4123:4050.0
Crombeen, Garth (D)000-2010.01116:11 
Kunitz, Mike (D)10100333.32320:09 
Lehmann, Nikos (D)000000 2220:09 
MacKinnon, Al (D)000-200 5124:16 
Boudrias, PasqualeND212100.8330049000
Girardi, MarianL41170.6360011220

Quote of the Game

"I thought both goalies had to make some big saves. Some odd-numbered rushes, we saw breakaways, 3-on-0, a couple 2-on-1s." - Peter Boulerice