Game Summary

Edmonton Lynx @ Maple Ridge Mastodons (2021-09-14)

Shots Goals
Team 123Total123Total
Maple Ridge 7513250101
Edmonton 1398301102

Game Notes

Anders Hecl scored the game winner 10:16 into the 2nd period as the Edmonton Lynx narrowly beat the Maple Ridge Mastodons by a score of 2-1 in front of a crowd of 15004 at the Planet Ice. Dmytro Oberg earned his 8th win of the PreSeason by making 24 saves on 25 shots. Edmonton Defenseman Anders Hecl was named the First star of the game.

Scoring Summary

Team Period Time Goal
Lynx 1 18:24Lochead (Perbix, Aoki)
Mastodons 2 9:24Petiot (Delorme) SH
Lynx 2 10:16Hecl (Lefebvre, Renberg)

Penalty Summary

Team Player Period Time Penalty
Mastodons Timo Clague 1 18:55 2 Min Slashing
Mastodons Linden Falkenberg 2 8:15 2 Min Hooking
Lynx Anders Hecl 3 4:13 2 Min Roughing
Mastodons Mikhail Hampson 3 9:01 2 Min Holding
Lynx Anders Hecl 3 9:03 2 Min Delay of Game
Lynx Beattie Pour 3 11:03 2 Min Hooking
Lynx Rolf Madeley 3 17:22 2 Min Roughing

Maple Ridge Mastodons

Clague, Timo (C)0000220.05416:3339.1
Hulse, Par (C)0000020.011219:0632.1
Valentine, Jakob (C)000-2010.08318:2138.5
Brandner, Per-Age (LW)0000020.04214:17 
Chartier, Jean-Yves (LW)000000 123:41 
Divisek, Marian (LW)000000 000:00 
Falkenberg, Linden (LW)000-2250.06319:15 
Petiot, Bulat (LW)10100333.38723:04 
Vellucci, Maitland (LW)000000 000:00 
Burgdoerfer, Lukas (RW)000-2020.08219:15 
Chapdelaine, Patrice (RW)0000020.012622:4940.0
Delorme, Tuomo (RW)0110020.011917:58100.0
Billins, Mathieu (D)0000010.08917:58100.0
Bois, Dana (D)000-200 7221:40 
Browne, Lawrence (D)000000 6517:15 
Dumart, Jarrod (D)0000010.014820:2250.0
Gronsdahl, Dunc (D)0000020.010522:47 
Hampson, Mikhail (D)000-220 4019:39 
Bremberg, PhilL230280.9330060110
Prout, KerryND0000.000000000

Edmonton Lynx

Lefebvre, Benjamin (C)0110020.0111615:2864.7
Lochead, Benn (C)10110250.010519:0756.7
Mete, Vitek (C)0001020.05517:2574.1
Santini, Hudson (C)000000 001:10 
Kowal, Juraj (LW)000000 111:10 
Marinucci, Burt (LW)0001050.0131419:41100.0
McCahill, Denijs (LW)0000030.08417:3866.7
Perbix, Derian (LW)0111010.051421:31100.0
Shutt, Aubrey (RW)000100 4219:41 
Ludzik, Dana (F)0000010.06117:38 
Madeley, Rolf (F)0001240.0111221:31100.0
Aoki, Rastislav (D)0111030.013722:4150.0
Cipulis, Viliam (D)0001020.010421:17 
Greer, Matiss (D)0001020.09419:4150.0
Haidy, Masi (D)0000010.06318:2650.0
Hecl, Anders (D)101141100.012918:5150.0
Pour, Beattie (D)0000210.07714:45 
Renberg, Viacheslav (D)011000 304:1950.0
Haidy, JarmoND0000.000000000
Oberg, DmytroW125240.9600060100

Quote of the Game

"It's not a lack of effort. But when that's not good enough, you have to find different ways to score. Whether it's getting more gritty in front of the net, throwing more pucks there so other stuff opens up, we have to find a way." - Benn Lochead