Game Summary

Ottawa Capitals @ Tilt Cove Caribou (2019-03-24)

Shots Goals
Team 123Total123Total
Tilt Cove 986231113
Ottawa 9916340022

Game Notes

Hubie Merrill scored the game winner 18:56 into the 3rd period as the Tilt Cove Caribou narrowly beat the Ottawa Capitals by a score of 3-2 in front of a crowd of 17101 at The Lighthouse. Carl Ruelle earned his 14th win of the Regular Season by making 32 saves on 34 shots. Tilt Cove Forward Modere Kapanen left the game early after injuring his . He is expected to miss 0 games. Tilt Cove Forward Vernon Van Oene was named the First star of the game.

Scoring Summary

Team Period Time Goal
Caribou 1 11:15Salo (Van Oene, Grahame) PP
Caribou 2 2:30Van Oene (Primeau, Tertyshny)
Capitals 3 18:00Klymkiw (Dollas, Carroll)
Capitals 3 18:44McCleary (Gladney, McDonough)
Caribou 3 18:56Merrill (Ortmeyer, Grahame)

Penalty Summary

Team Player Period Time Penalty
Capitals Micah Summanen 1 9:39 2 Min Roughing
Caribou Brayan Bernier 1 15:30 2 Min Holding
Capitals Aris Carroll 2 14:37 2 Min Holding
Capitals Ernest Samis 2 18:52 2 Min High-Sticking
Caribou Tuukka Prystai 3 10:13 2 Min Cross-Checking
Caribou Felipe Delguidice 3 13:33 2 Min Slashing

Tilt Cove Caribou

Grahame, Jamal (C)022000 8318:1353.3
Prystai, Tuukka (C)000120 8621:5157.1
Sandwith, Viacheslav (C)000-1010.05316:3638.1
Merrill, Hubie (LW)10110250.05523:26100.0
Myre, Vivan (LW)000000 000:00 
Tertyshny, Joshua (LW)011-1010.07518:21 
Van Oene, Vernon (LW)112-10616.77029:49 
Delguidice, Felipe (RW)0000240.013719:02 
Kapanen, Modere (F)000000 302:57 
Salo, Frantisek (F)10110425.0161223:45 
Bernier, Brayan (D)000-120 6118:21 
Bezrukov, Harrison (D)000000 123:48 
Clarkson, Niclas (D)000-1010.05514:33 
Commodore, Willi (D)000100 2423:2650.0
Derlyuk, Cory (D)0000030.06420:10100.0
Holota, Sincere (D)000000 412:55 
Ortmeyer, Kevan (D)011100 81418:34 
Primeau, Dakota (D)0110010.014718:13 
Lehvonen, DouglasND0000.000000000
Ruelle, CarlW234320.9410060200

Ottawa Capitals

Carroll, Aris (C)0111220.0111219:4447.8
Semak, Keaton (C)000000 000:00 
Summanen, Micah (C)0000220.09418:4356.5
Wingels, Ray (C)000-1010.07216:5054.2
Malinowski, Iiro (LW)0001030.071019:44 
McCleary, Vernon (LW)10100425.08920:03 
Wiebe, Sammy (LW)000-1030.0131520:0233.3
Gladney, Dominic (RW)011000 6420:03 
Hostak, Dany (RW)0001040.04819:55 
James, Jarred (RW)000-1010.010920:02 
Chu, Marvin (F)000000 000:11 
Dollas, Gil (D)0111030.07720:47100.0
Klymkiw, Melville (D)10110425.012319:55 
LaPrairie, Lorenzo (D)000000 000:00 
McDonough, Dirk (D)0110030.0121620:03100.0
Myre, Johnny (D)000-100 6520:02 
Samis, Ernest (D)0000210.011519:11 
Shuchuk, Miikka (D)000-1030.010820:02 
Orr, OwenL323200.8700060020
Rabbit, EdND0000.000000000

Quote of the Game

"I don't see it so much about him going outside of his comfort zone, as much as I do him adding a dimension to his game." - Hubie Merrill