Game Summary

Maple Ridge Mastodons @ Vancouver Titans (2019-03-24)

Shots Goals
Team 1234Total1234Total
Vancouver 511912622217
Maple Ridge 18111104042006

Game Notes

Leigh Payer scored the game winner 0:38 in overtime as the Vancouver Titans narrowly beat the Maple Ridge Mastodons by a score of 7-6 in front of a sold out crowd of 25000 at the Orca Stadium. Duke Stenlund earned his 15th win of the Regular Season by making 32 saves on 38 shots. Vancouver Forward Leigh Payer was named the First star of the game.

Scoring Summary

Team Period Time Goal
Mastodons 1 1:59Kowal (Lindros)
Titans 1 4:25Terbenche (Patzold, Payer)
Mastodons 1 8:29Champoux (Bailey, Kowal) PP
Mastodons 1 8:56Heiskala (Eaves, Greig)
Mastodons 1 10:25Ahrens (Schremp, Kostitsyn) SH
Titans 1 14:29Fritsche (Pratt, Winkler)
Titans 2 0:15Terbenche (McDonald)
Mastodons 2 3:22Greig (Townsend, Fehr)
Mastodons 2 7:58Bailey (Kowal, Eaves)
Titans 2 16:22Sinisalo (Abdelkader, McDonald)
Titans 3 12:31Payer (Patzold, Terbenche)
Titans 3 18:04Pratt (Kelleher)
Titans 4 0:38Payer (McDonald)

Penalty Summary

Team Player Period Time Penalty
Mastodons Willi Hicke 1 5:25 2 Min Hooking
Titans Antoni Sinisalo 1 7:15 2 Min Tripping
Mastodons Clayton Benedict 1 10:05 4 Min High-Sticking
Mastodons Zellio Romano 3 6:46 2 Min Interference

Vancouver Titans

Dionne, Germain (C)000000 000:00 
Seabrooke, Marty (C)0000020.04419:3761.3
Sinisalo, Antoni (C)10102333.39819:3335.3
Terbenche, Kent-Erik (C)21330366.75020:1460.7
Bicek, George (LW)0000010.07319:50 
Larose, Lucien (LW)0000010.09219:47 
Payer, Leigh (LW)21330540.016821:01 
Stothers, Ladislav (LW)000000 000:00 
McDonald, JT (RW)0333010.013921:01 
Schastlivy, Louie (RW)0000010.07819:50 
Winkler, Frederik (RW)011000 6319:47100.0
Abdelkader, Ricard (D)0113010.061521:01 
Fritsche, Stephan (D)101001100.09819:47 
Holmquist, Edgar (D)000000 9219:50 
Kelleher, Dion (D)0110030.081019:50 
Kleinendorst, Vadim (D)000000 000:00 
Patzold, Marcel (D)022300 7721:01100.0
Pratt, Barney (D)11200425.07419:47 
Jutila, RobynND0000.000000000
Stenlund, DukeW638320.8420061320

Maple Ridge Mastodons

Ahrens, Roy (C)101-20520.06715:4144.4
Heiskala, Charlie (C)10120425.06313:2436.8
Hicke, Willi (C)000-4220.02311:4053.3
Kowal, Jochen (C)12310250.06313:0738.5
Bailey, Elias (LW)11210333.38216:57 
Fehr, Layne (LW)0112030.07513:24 
Kostitsyn, Freddie (LW)011-2030.091119:40 
Madill, Kadin (LW)000-4020.04011:40 
Champoux, Regis (RW)10110250.010316:57100.0
Greig, Kjell (RW)11220333.33613:24 
Montgomery, Sasha (RW)000-4020.07211:40 
Schremp, Nikolas (RW)011-200 9418:3766.7
Benedict, Clayton (D)000-340 151021:5950.0
D'Amore, Joby (D)000-3020.013624:1033.3
Eaves, Marek (D)0221010.07517:31 
Lindros, Jeffery (D)011-100 131218:57100.0
Romano, Zellio (D)000-1210.09519:01100.0
Townsend, Clay (D)0111030.011617:31 
Helminen, BudND0000.000000000
Stackhouse, SabastianL726190.7310061040

Quote of the Game

"Challenging someone is good. You need to do it. Sometimes they don't even realize you're doing it, like when you joke with a goalie, "What's wrong today? You losing it?"" - Kent-Erik Terbenche