Game Summary

Kamloops Knights @ Iqaluit Polar Bears (2019-03-24)

Shots Goals
Team 123Total123Total
Iqaluit 684180000
Kamloops 121018400134

Game Notes

Calle Imlach scored the game winner 11:52 into the 2nd period as the Kamloops Knights pummelled the Iqaluit Polar Bears by a score of 4-0 in front of a crowd of 10684 at the Nordic Arena. Jiri Dahlbeck earned his 2nd win and 1st shutout of the Regular Season by making 18 saves. Kamloops Forward Braydon Boyer was named the First star of the game.

Scoring Summary

Team Period Time Goal
Knights 2 11:52Imlach (Tumilson, Cumiskey)
Knights 3 6:45Beech (Hutchison, Boyer)
Knights 3 11:53Boyer (Cumiskey, Panik)
Knights 3 16:15Boyer (Ruzicka, Cheevers) PP

Penalty Summary

Team Player Period Time Penalty
Polar Bears Trenton Barulin 1 0:13 2 Min Holding
Polar Bears Trenton Barulin 1 7:35 2 Min Interference
Polar Bears Viktor Edler 1 11:58 2 Min Slashing
Polar Bears Brandy Svensson 1 12:01 2 Min High-Sticking
Polar Bears Earl Sobotka 1 18:52 2 Min Hooking
Polar Bears Roger Carey 2 9:05 2 Min High-Sticking
Polar Bears Korey Carter 2 9:16 2 Min Tripping
Polar Bears Micheal Chipchura 3 14:45 2 Min Holding

Iqaluit Polar Bears

Dumas, Sonny (C)0000010.04117:0944.4
Edler, Viktor (C)000-220 4417:1468.4
Karamnov, Francis (C)000000 000:00 
Peckham, Leighton (C)000000 000:40 
Salvador, Janne (C)000-1020.09518:0270.6
Varada, Alec (C)000000 000:00 
O'Neill, Ilya (LW)000-2020.05017:03 
Svensson, Brandy (LW)000-1210.0151020:5450.0
Carey, Roger (RW)000-1220.07020:54 
Carter, Korey (RW)0000220.08618:07 
Stumpf, Guadalupe (RW)000-2030.08517:03 
Poirier, Zdeno (F)0000010.08318:19 
Anger, Justyn (D)000-100 4221:4450.0
Barulin, Trenton (D)000040 4218:1050.0
Chipchura, Micheal (D)000-2210.05219:03 
English, Elmer (D)000-100 8721:4250.0
Lindgren, Hector (D)000000 6119:13100.0
Sobotka, Earl (D)000-2230.06019:13 
Fridgen, JaniL440360.9000060300
Staszak, AlexND0000.000000000

Kamloops Knights

Boyer, Braydon (C)21310728.64918:5756.3
Colbert, Etienne (C)0001020.01110:10 
Imlach, Calle (C)10110425.041018:4341.7
Vyshedkevich, Yan (C)0000040.03212:10 
Beech, Moses (LW)10110333.33516:0740.0
Cheevers, Morten (LW)0110010.031117:59 
LeBrun, Robert (LW)000100 12513:08 
Tumilson, Ravil (LW)0111020.04412:46 
Godard, Nick (RW)0001020.014316:07 
Goulet, Oliver (RW)0001020.04312:46 
McKee, Brendon (RW)0001040.061518:57 
Reaume, Burr (RW)0000020.02212:1012.5
Cumiskey, Alyn (D)0223010.04520:05 
Gillen, Landon (D)0000020.09323:09 
Hutchison, Tobias (D)0110020.010717:12 
Lemieux, Landon (D)0000010.05916:54 
Panik, Vernon (D)011300 81219:57 
Ruzicka, Reid (D)0110010.091422:43 
Dahlbeck, JiriW018181.0001060000
Larionov, KennyND0000.000000000

Quote of the Game

"I think we've been better in the details. One of the problems we had is we were a little slow going at their guy and we give them a little bit too much time and space. We've been working hard at it, trying to be quicker on the puck carrier, putting more pressure." - Jiri Dahlbeck