Game Summary

Winnipeg Jets @ Flin Flon Flimflammers (2021-09-14)

Shots Goals
Team 123Total123Total
Flin Flon 111212353216
Winnipeg 10108281203

Game Notes

Antero Lomenda scored the game winner 11:33 into the 2nd period as the Flin Flon Flimflammers toppled the Winnipeg Jets by a score of 6-3 in front of a crowd of 13888 at the Flin Flon FLICKING Field. Maxim Durbano earned his 4th win of the PreSeason by making 24 saves on 27 shots. Flin Flon Forward Basil Handzus was named the First star of the game.

Scoring Summary

Team Period Time Goal
Jets 1 1:08Ouimet (Corso, Probert)
Flimflammers 1 5:11Creighton
Flimflammers 1 7:11Galiardi (Yeats)
Flimflammers 1 14:18Washburn (Dopita, Handzus)
Flimflammers 2 11:33Lomenda (Yeats, Gostev) PP
Jets 2 16:49Crosby
Flimflammers 2 17:11Picketts (Imlach, Pappin)
Jets 2 18:32Moss (Gordiouk, Makela)
Flimflammers 3 7:45Pucci (Handzus, Fry)

Penalty Summary

Team Player Period Time Penalty
Flimflammers Carsen Pivonka 1 18:32 2 Min High-Sticking
Flimflammers Murdo Fry 2 7:34 2 Min Slashing
Jets Micki Farnham 2 9:35 2 Min Roughing
Flimflammers Antero Lomenda 2 12:24 2 Min Interference
Jets Russell Bentivoglio 2 18:53 2 Min Roughing
Jets Hartland Probert 3 8:15 4 Min High-Sticking
Flimflammers Grigori Pappin 3 12:35 2 Min Roughing

Flin Flon Flimflammers

Creighton, Marvin (C)101-10250.06615:2277.3
Gostev, Jacob (C)0111010.04415:1658.3
Imlach, Calle (C)011100 449:4281.8
Pucci, Miikka (C)101101100.03712:2255.0
Kolzig, Clarence (LW)000-1040.010720:48 
Picketts, Michel (LW)101101100.0219:42 
Pivonka, Carsen (LW)0001250.06313:27 
Yeats, Sylvain (LW)022100 7717:0833.3
Dopita, Stanislav (RW)011100 239:42 
Handzus, Basil (RW)0221010.06913:14 
Point, Gus (RW)0001030.09517:08100.0
Rychel, Frank (RW)000-1010.09520:48100.0
Beckford, Nolan (D)0000030.061124:0575.0
Fry, Murdo (D)0110230.06423:00100.0
Galiardi, Lude (D)101101100.05214:23 
Lomenda, Antero (D)10112333.311320:50 
Pappin, Grigori (D)0111240.0131520:40 
Washburn, Lindsay (D)10110250.06914:23 
Bass, JozefND0000.000000000
Durbano, MaximW327240.8890060110

Winnipeg Jets

Crosby, Alexander (C)101-20333.312420:0332.3
Moss, Doug (C)10100333.37615:4223.8
Vauclair, Jean-Gabriel (C)000000 153:4040.0
Zaborsky, Karri (C)0000010.06214:0650.0
Geran, Mads (LW)0000030.017719:49 
Muckalt, Cal (LW)0000020.05720:47 
Probert, Hartland (LW)011-2410.06417:55 
Shmyr, Valtteri (LW)000000 000:00 
Corso, Benjamin (RW)011-2030.06821:47100.0
Langlois, Tracy (RW)0000020.0115:4350.0
Reichmuth, Hib (RW)0000030.02214:06 
Wappel, Brennan (RW)0000010.06118:24 
Bentivoglio, Russell (D)000020 7919:49 
Farnham, Micki (D)000-2210.05621:4750.0
Gordiouk, Leland (D)011000 11918:24 
Lamoreaux, Stan (D)000000 9719:49 
Makela, Morten (D)0110010.010618:24100.0
Ouimet, Cecil (D)101-20333.3142121:47100.0
Hansen, JordanL635290.8290060110
Mathers, RolandND0000.000000000

Quote of the Game

"I really believe it's pride. For the guys who are lucky enough to play on the power play, it has to be a bonus for everyone out there. Even one powerplay goal every game is going to be huge." - Sylvain Yeats