Game Summary

Stroud Outlaws @ Vancouver Titans (2021-09-14)

Shots Goals
Team 123Total123Total
Vancouver 20146400325
Stroud 542110000

Game Notes

Marty Seabrooke scored the game winner 1:18 into the 2nd period as the Vancouver Titans destroyed the Stroud Outlaws by a score of 5-0 in front of a crowd of 11693 at the Orca Stadium. Alphonse Surovy earned his 3rd win and 1st shutout of the PreSeason by making 11 saves. Vancouver Goaltender Alphonse Surovy was named the First star of the game.

Scoring Summary

Team Period Time Goal
Titans 2 1:18Seabrooke (Pavelich, Kelleher) PP
Titans 2 6:36Ayres (Shestyorkin, MacKasey)
Titans 2 8:00Fetisov (Pavelich)
Titans 3 1:10Kelleher (Surovy) PP
Titans 3 14:28Ograjensek (Forster, Bicek)

Penalty Summary

Team Player Period Time Penalty
Titans Franck Forster 1 6:15 2 Min Hooking
Outlaws Jindrich Hiller 1 12:35 2 Min Hooking
Outlaws Brian Rutta 1 14:30 2 Min Roughing
Outlaws Cecil Otevrel 1 19:41 2 Min Hooking
Outlaws Dunc Recchi 2 19:59 2 Min Slashing

Vancouver Titans

Forster, Franck (C)0111210.091121:0668.4
Seabrooke, Marty (C)10110520.07720:2376.9
Terbenche, Kent-Erik (C)0001020.08916:3150.0
Bicek, George (LW)0111010.015421:06 
MacKasey, Odie (LW)0111020.04617:42 
Payer, Leigh (LW)0001010.07221:12 
Fetisov, Antti-Jussi (RW)10110520.08721:12 
Mauldin, Jani (RW)0001040.06617:42100.0
Winkler, Frederik (RW)0001010.03521:06 
Ayres, Connie (D)101101100.04617:42100.0
Iggulden, Hugh (D)000000 000:00 
Kelleher, Dion (D)11210333.3111521:12 
Marker, Dino (D)000000 000:00 
Mayer, Red (D)000000 000:00 
Ograjensek, Rik (D)10110333.38421:06 
Pavelich, Rosario (D)0221050.041221:12 
Ryn, Uli (D)0001010.08721:06 
Shestyorkin, Herve (D)0111040.03217:42 
Storr, SandyND0000.000000000
Surovy, AlphonseW011111.0001060000

Stroud Outlaws

Curran, Vladimir (C)000-1020.09418:0516.7
Heiskala, Marshall (C)000-100 5417:4833.3
Irving, Barrie (C)000-1010.09817:3050.0
Hiller, Jindrich (LW)000-120 7717:42 
Kapoun, Vladimir (LW)000-1020.09822:32 
O'Callahan, Al (LW)000-100 5119:41 
Bancroft, Tracy (RW)000000 000:00 
Benn, Kirill (RW)000-100 6117:42 
Kirkpatrick, Vlastimil (RW)000-100 5222:32 
Kraftcheck, Wojtek (RW)000000 000:00 
Otevrel, Cecil (RW)000-1220.06519:41 
Fussey, Tuukka (F)000000 000:00 
Jokiharju, Iiro (D)000-100 8318:5733.3
Larmi, Mal (D)000-100 7019:4150.0
McCahill, Milan (D)000-100 5319:41100.0
Picketts, Tuukka (D)000-1020.06218:51 
Recchi, Dunc (D)000-120 8321:22 
Rutta, Brian (D)000-1220.09121:28 
Courville, NateND0111.000006000
Rodden, PontusL538330.8680054120

Quote of the Game

"I don't see it so much about him going outside of his comfort zone, as much as I do him adding a dimension to his game." - Dion Kelleher