Game Summary

Stroud Outlaws @ Vancouver Titans (2022-08-05)

Shots Goals
Team 123Total123Total
Vancouver 1877321124
Stroud 7113210000

Game Notes

Eddy Pasek scored the game winner 12:54 into the 1st period as the Vancouver Titans pummelled the Stroud Outlaws by a score of 4-0 in front of a sold out crowd of 25000 at the Orca Stadium. Sandy Storr earned his 5th win and 3rd shutout of the Playoffs by making 21 saves. Vancouver Goaltender Sandy Storr was named the First star of the game.

Scoring Summary

Team Period Time Goal
Titans 1 12:54Pasek (Jarvi, Storr) PP
Titans 2 18:31Fetisov (Ayres)
Titans 3 4:27Fetisov (Pavelich, Seabrooke)
Titans 3 5:04Ograjensek (Iggulden, MacKasey)

Penalty Summary

Team Player Period Time Penalty
Outlaws Marshall Heiskala 1 12:20 2 Min Cross-Checking
Titans Odie MacKasey 2 8:37 2 Min Slashing
Outlaws Barrie Irving 2 13:35 2 Min Delay of Game

Vancouver Titans

Forster, Franck (C)0001010.011619:4463.3
McDill, Morgan (C)000000 000:00 
Seabrooke, Marty (C)011200 7620:0168.8
Terbenche, Kent-Erik (C)0000030.010018:1555.0
Jarvi, Fern (LW)0110070.08518:54 
Lecuyer, Geordie (LW)0001020.05421:05 
MacKasey, Odie (LW)0112240.071020:01 
Fetisov, Antti-Jussi (RW)20220540.07320:01 
Shishkanov, Frantisek (RW)0000010.0121018:54 
Winkler, Frederik (RW)0001020.010621:05 
Ayres, Connie (D)0112010.071320:01 
Iggulden, Hugh (D)0111010.05521:05100.0
Mayer, Red (D)000000 000:00 
Ograjensek, Rik (D)10110250.08521:05 
Pasek, Eddy (D)101001100.06318:54 
Pavelich, Rosario (D)0112010.06720:01 
Ryn, Uli (D)0000010.06718:54 
Shestyorkin, Herve (D)000000 000:00 
Storr, SandyW021211.0001060000
Surovy, AlphonseND0000.000000000

Stroud Outlaws

Heiskala, Marshall (C)0000220.06218:4342.3
Irving, Barrie (C)000-2210.013319:1244.4
Karlander, Pentti (C)000-1010.07419:3228.6
D'Amore, Roman (LW)000-2030.011819:45 
Hiller, Jindrich (LW)000-100 14520:37 
O'Callahan, Al (LW)0000020.012619:38 
Werenka, Cliff (LW)000000 000:00 
Bessler, Juhamatti (RW)000000 000:00 
Jordan, Claire (RW)000000 000:00 
Knickle, Harvie (RW)000-1040.04220:37 
Radic, Cory (RW)0000030.06219:38 
Shmakov, Klemen (RW)000-2010.07319:45 
Marois, Reg (D)000-2010.021119:45 
McGregor, Sandro (D)0000010.08419:38 
Meeking, Sergio (D)000-200 10519:45 
Recchi, Dunc (D)000-1010.06220:37 
Rutta, Brian (D)0000010.09519:38100.0
Wyman, Laurent (D)000-100 13920:37 
Bouma, JaretND0000.000000000
Perry, JanisL432280.8750060210

Quote of the Game

"Even when you have numbers back, they make a pass through you and find someone's tape. They just need a little bit of ice to make something happen. It's a challenge defensively." - Antti-Jussi Fetisov